About BullsEye

Ampifying Ideas That Matter

Our starting point in 2003 was based on a simple observation: even in our technology-filled world, people still like to come together to share important ideas. This might be through a live event like an industry conference or through an online event like a webinar. Connecting through events has value.

A second observation: often the best, most powerful ideas from these gatherings are not captured. If an idea isn’t captured or summarized in an easily shareable way, what value does it have?

The opportunity we saw in 2003 – which we still see today – is to help organizations that host live events capture, distill, and share the ideas that truly matter from these events.

BullsEye’s Mission

Our mission is to identify the most powerful ideas from events and turn these ideas into concise, easily shareable, digestible content assets: executive summaries, blogs, ebooks, case studies, and more.

That’s what we do. Idea summarization. Clients have told us, “BullsEye creates CliffsNotes of our conferences and webinars.” We think that’s an apt summary.

Our Evolution

BullsEye has summarized the most important ideas from thousands of conferences and webinars. We have summarized Presidents, Nobel Prize winners, senators and cabinet members, numerous CEOs and other C-level executives, best-selling authors, professors, scientists, motivational speakers, and leaders in all industries and functions. If you’ve heard them speak, we’ve probably summarized them.

Over time our offerings have expanded. Our flagship offering continues to be executive summaries. We now also create blog posts, white papers, ebooks, case studies, listicles, infographics, video clips, and other types of short- and long-form content.

Everything we do has one consistent theme: we take large amounts of information and boil it down to communicate ideas that truly matter.

Our Distinguishing Characteristics

Several characteristics distinguish BullsEye. We:

Our Team

BullsEye’s team members are experienced, well-educated, dedicated content professionals. Many have advanced degrees and years of experience in many industries. Team members are:

  • Intellectually curious.
  • Experts at synthesis and distillation.
  • Focused. Creating content from webinars, events, and custom content is what we do.
  • Knowledgeable about industries such as high tech, healthcare, financial services, and foodservice.
  • Process and detail oriented.

We love getting to hear leaders in different fields share important ideas and we are passionate about summarizing these ideas so they can be broadly shared, understood, and acted on.

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