Events Matter to Government & Nonprofits

Events matter for government and non-profit organizations.

Government and non-profit entities hold events that bring together stakeholders to examine important topics. But insights from these events are often not captured or shared.

How Government and Not-For-Profits Use Event Ideas

Government and nonprofits see value in having a tangible distillation of an important event’s key takeaways. A concise event synopsis allows government and nonprofits to:

Why Government and Non-Profits Partner with BullsEye

Few government organizations or nonprofits have in-house content-creation resources capable of quickly producing outstanding, attractive event summaries and reports.

8 Reasons Government & Non-Profits Trust BullsEye:

Some of Our Government and Non-Profit Customers

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GCNF, founded in 2006, is a global network of governments, businesses, and organizations working together to support school meal programs, especially in developing countries.

For the past several years GCNF has convened a global forum, bringing together leaders on child nutrition from across the globe. These events have taken place in countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, and South Africa. GCNF has partnered with BullsEye to create an executive summary from many of its global forums.

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