Events Matter for Associations

Events are critical for associations. They bring together members to learn about trends and share best practices.

But typically less than 10% of members attend and event insights are often not captured or shared.

Content can be created from individual sessions, from tracks on a particular topic, or from an entire event.

How Associations Repurpose Event Ideas

Associations leverage post-event content assets to:

Why Associations Partner with BullsEye

Few associations have expert content-creation resources capable of quickly producing
outstanding, attractive summaries and content after an event.

6 Reasons Associations Trust BullEye:

Some of the Associations We Have Worked With

Association Profile

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) holds several meetings each year. These include AACRAO’s Annual Meeting, a leadership meeting, a meeting focused on technology, and other special meetings often held in conjunction with partners.

For the past several years AACRAO has had BullsEye create executive summaries of selected sessions from these meetings as well as conference reports from some special events. These content assets identify the main points from these events and give AACRAO a way to convey the key insights to attendees and members. AACRAO’s experience with BullsEye has been so positive that AACRAO has referred BullsEye to several other education-focused associations.

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Conference summary

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