Events Matter for Universities

Universities play an important convening role. Events bring together faculty, alumni, students, and experts to exchange ideas. But these exchanges are often not captured and disseminated.

BullsEye distills the key insights from university events into valuable post-event content assets.

How Universities Repurpose Event Ideas

Universities see value in capturing the key takeaways from important events and disseminating the insights broadly.

Universities leverage post-event content to:

Why Universities Partner with BullsEye

Few universities have in-house content-creation resources capable of quickly producing outstanding, attractive summaries and reports from important events.

6 Reasons Why Universities Trust BullsEye:

Some of Our University Customers

University Profile

The Chief Executive Leadership Institute (CELI) has CEO Summits (in New York City) and CEO Caucuses (in Washington DC), hosts a gathering of mayors, and convenes a Higher Education Leadership Summit. CELI has also held CEO events in Mexico, China, and India.

For 10 years Yale CELI has partnered with BullsEye to create executive summaries from all of its events. These summaries extract the key insights from each and convey them concisely, along with polling results and photos. The synopses created by BullsEye provide a tangible summary of these leading events and offer a concise recap for attendees, Yale’s administration, sponsors, and the media.

CELI founder and CEO Professor Jeff Sonnenfeld and COO Joe DeLillo are big fans of BullsEye and have made BullsEye part of their team. Post-event content produced by BullsEye extends CELI’s reach and enhances its brand.

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How Universities Can Repurpose Event Insights

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